Wednesday, August 22, 2012


In China, the 7th lunar month is called the "Ghost Month," and the 15th day of that month is known as "The Ghost Day."

It is believed that on this day the barrier between the realm of the spirits and our realm vanishes, and ghosts are free to travel between these two worlds. Thus, a celebration is held on this special day to entertain and amuse these visiting ghosts.

It is in that spirit, that GHOULA with the EVE Gallery presents...

GHOST NIGHT - a lively evening of art, music, and ghost stories in Southern California's most haunted gallery (at least on this night).

Note: This event will also be the debut of GHOULA COMIX #2. The book will be available for purchase, and many of the artists will be present to sign copies. (for more info...)

*For artists that are interested in being a part of the exhibition, contact

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

"POMONA" An Art Show Tribute to the City of Pomona and the Goddess of Pomona


The Pomona Arts Colony will devote the month of August to the Goddess of Pomona. EVE gallery will celebrate the beloved Goddess along with all things that define Pomona.

Please join us for a night of "POMONA", a group show with over 25 artists displaying their love and interpretation of Pomona.

Participating Artists: Riane Redmon, Bobby Vazquez, Liisa Kennedy, Jill Carol, Bob Hurton, Kim Glovak, Jke Arts, Jim Lujan, Grasiela Rodriguez, Thom Bossard, Lisa, Isabella Russo, Sheena Tocao, Kyle Ishimoto, Christopharo, Megan Flanders, Arnold Romero, Barbara K. Sleiott, Cynthia Garcia, Kiki Reina, Junior Mora, Alex Ledante and more...
Opening Reception: Saturday, August 11th 5:00 to 9:00 pm
Closing Reception: Saturday, August 25, 5:00 to 9:00 pm
Gallery doors will open at 3:00 pm for both dates.