Tuesday, May 8, 2012


For centuries monsters have been depicted as evil entities. The few that appreciate and understand them come together and rejoice and celebrate them typically in the month of October. Well we say, why not celebrate Monsters all year around? Monsters are creatures that are... misunderstood and often given a bad rap. In the month of May at EVE Gallery we will put all that mumbo jumbo aside and bring you a Monster mash, if you will. A Monster MAYhem!

We are honored to have three amazing artists that will pay homage to the often misconstrued Monsters.

Geo Brawn IV, is a Los Angeles native. He received a scholarship in illustration and studied graphic arts which started the development of his ideas and stories into the medium of comic books. The first character ever created by Geo is Cherry Bomb. From there he went on to develop a universe of characters that have now evolved into a series of stories called the Untold Chronicles. Geo’s passion for art has lead him to another medium, painting. Geo paints the subjects of his comic books using acrylics and bringing them to life.

Arturo Lopez, is a self-taught artist from La Puente, California. At an early age he discovered his love for monsters and fantastical creatures. As a child he was intrigued by the fantasy world of television and movies which has brought him to the present where he now gives birth to unique, strange and brightly colored paper mache sculptures.

John Hayward of Covina, California studied graphic design and sculpture. He is versed in various mediums of art, but the most animated characters come from his paper mache creations. John’s wizardry of paper mache brings his unique monsters to life.

Opening Reception: May 12th - 5:00 to 9:00 pm
Gallery opens at 3:00 pm

Closing Reception: May 26th - 3:00 to 9:00 pm

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